Category: war – general

Defence Against What?

The Iraq disaster has eliminated the last major function of our armed forces. So let’s pay ourselves a war dividend.

The Generals’ War

In victory or in defeat, the military leaders who dominate Israeli politics can’t lose.

The Treaty Wreckers

In just a few months, Bush and Blair have destroyed the global restraint on nuclear weapons

Pedigree Dogs of War

Some people who engage in foreign conflicts are called terrorists. Others are about to be licensed by the government

A Deadly Reversal

Why does no one care that the world’s worst conflict has broken out again?

Proliferation Treaty

Of course Iran wants the bomb, and the international system has given it everything it needs to build one.

Victim’s Licence

Our fairytale version of Rwanda’s genocide has allowed us to overlook the government’s own crimes against humanity

The British Threat

By hardening its position on nuclear weapons, Labour is encouraging proliferation

A War of Terror

The men who claim to be fighting “evil” on behalf of “good” are also funding one of the world’s dirtiest wars