Asserting Our Right to Kill and Maim Civilians

At the talks beginning in Geneva today, the British government will fight attempts to ban cluster bombs. Read more.

The Cult of the Heroic Animal

The Disneyfication of war allows us to ignore its real savagery Read more.

Peace Is For Wimps

Real men in government use their position to sell weapons. Read more.

The Generals’ War

In victory or in defeat, the military leaders who dominate Israeli politics can’t lose. Read more.

Israel’s Attack Was Premeditated

Hizbullah’s capture of Israeli soldiers provided the excuse for an assault planned for months. Read more.

The King of Fairyland

Bush’s view of the Middle East rests on pure fantasy. Read more.

A Self-Vindicating Policy

Building new nuclear weapons creates the threats they are supposed to avert. Read more.

The Treaty Wreckers

In just a few months, Bush and Blair have destroyed the global restraint on nuclear weapons Read more.

Pedigree Dogs of War

Some people who engage in foreign conflicts are called terrorists. Others are about to be licensed by the government Read more.

America’s War with Itself

Bush’s attempt to wreck the climate talks follows an established pattern of self-destruction Read more.

A Deadly Reversal

Why does no one care that the world’s worst conflict has broken out again? Read more.

Proliferation Treaty

Of course Iran wants the bomb, and the international system has given it everything it needs to build one. Read more.

Victim’s Licence

Our fairytale version of Rwanda’s genocide has allowed us to overlook the government’s own crimes against humanity Read more.

The British Threat

By hardening its position on nuclear weapons, Labour is encouraging proliferation Read more.

Back to Front Coup

The military is being invited into the heart of politics in the US. Read more.

The Bottom Dollar

The way to check American power is to support the euro Read more.

Too Much of a Good Thing

Underlying the US drive to war is the need to open up new opportunities for surplus capital Read more.

A War of Terror

The men who claim to be fighting “evil” on behalf of “good” are also funding one of the world’s dirtiest wars Read more.

Who Guards the Guards?

The UN Security Council is inherently tyrannical. No war it mandates can ever be just Read more.

Moral Flight

Bush and Blair, who made so much of their “leadership” when there was a war to be fought, are nowhere to be seen when peace is needed. Read more.