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Feel the Burn

While millions starve, crops are used to feed cars. It’s obscene.

The Smog Chancellor

Who is the world’s leading environmental vandal? The answer may surprise you.

Punishment Posting

Want to cast someone into the outer darkness? Then give them the environment department, that should be the most important portfolio of all.

The Biogas Disaster

How the perverse consequences of a great idea are destroying the natural world.

Hunger Games

The rich world is causing the famines it claims to be preventing.

A Lethal Solution

We need a five-year freeze on biofuels, before they wreck the planet.

Just a Lot of Hot Air

An audit of the government’s planned carbon cuts shows they will achieve only half of what it claims. 

Not Enough Fish in the Sea

Not Enough Fish in the Sea We need omega-3 oils for our brains to function properly. But where will they come from?

Worse Than Fossil Fuel

Biodiesel enthusiasts have accidentally invented the most carbon-intensive fuel on earth