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Cliff Edge

Here’s how it happened before – a mass extinction caused by fossil fuel burning. It will happen again unless we step back from the precipice.

The Oligarch’s Oligarch

Just as we need to get the money out of politics, we have been gifted a Prime Minister who represents the ultra-rich.

The Art of Life

Why is life treated as less valuable than the depiction of life?

Malignant Growth

An obsession with economic growth is driving us towards catastrophe.

Thinktanking the Country

The BBC’s promotion of dark-money lobby groups no longer looks like an accident. It looks like a policy.

The Sacking of Britain

Liz Truss’s destruction of the fabric of our nation is not an accident. It’s the design.

The Undead

Liz Truss promises to double down on policies that have been completely discredited.

The Coming Hunger

As environmental breakdown threatens to render large parts of the planet unfarmable, how can mass starvation best be averted?

The Workaround

Without public consultation, the boundaries of freeports have been expanded to cover much of the country. What does this mean?

Unholy Cow

The world’s most damaging farm products? Organic pasture-fed beef and lamb.

Absent Minded

To this government, the duty of care is an abomination.


Low Traffic Neighbourhoods transform people’s lives and rebuild community. Resist the angry men trying to destroy them.

Judgement Call

Bereavement is bad enough, without a predatory phone company refusing to cancel a dead person’s account.

Days of Rage

System change is – and has always been – our only realistic means of defending the living planet.

Willing the End

On both sides of the Atlantic, powerful interests seem determined to trigger the collapse of life on Earth. Why?

Feel the Burn

While millions starve, crops are used to feed cars. It’s obscene.