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London’s transport problem could soon bring the capital to a halt

Lagging Behind

The thousands of extra deaths each winter are just one symptom of a massive national housing crisis

We’re All Damned

The Bible says homosexuality’s an abomination. But estate agents and food manufacturers are in even bigger trouble.

Defective Inspectors

As the security services seek to justify their existence, harmless activists are being treated as terrorists

A Seedy Business

Old plant varieties have been criminalised by a series of draconian laws intended to protect big corporations

Hawks and Doves

Four remarkable women are challenging the most powerful forces in the land

Theft Is Property

If MPs really want to repeal the statute of limitations, they’ll find themselves in deeper water than they think

Decisions For Sale

Developers have discovered devious ways of buying planning permission

Driven Off the Roads

One in every 15 British children will be injured or killed by a vehicle before they reach 16