Smart Phones, Dumb Companies

17 years, and the phone companies still haven’t sorted out the issue of conflict minerals Read more.

A Telling Silence

Why we need land value taxation. Read more.

Bang Goes the Theory

How neoliberalism trashed your life, but made the super-rich even richer. Read more.

The Fat of the Land

Robbing the poor, trashing the natural world: Europe’s farm subsidies are an obscenity. Read more.


A potent myth is being used to justify economic capture by a parasitic class. Read more.

After Capitalism

An animation calling for economic democracy. Read more.

Scorched Earth Economics

Why have the Year Zero policies of neoliberalism not been abandoned? Read more.

The Great Pay Robbery

Here’s why the government’s proposals on executive pay won’t work – and why we need a maximum wage. Read more.

Big Farmer

The poorest taxpayers are subsidising the richest people in Europe: and this spending will remain uncut until at least 2020. Read more.

The Corporate Welfare State

Despite the crisis, it’s still socialism for the 1%, capitalism for the rest. Read more.

The Self-Attribution Fallacy

Intelligence? Talent? No, the ultra-rich got to where they are through luck and brutality. Read more.

Wealth Destroyers

The Corporation of the City of London has harmed you more than you know. Read more.

Sounding the Deeps

If this analysis is correct, a Great Depression is all but inevitable. Read more.

More Cuts Please

The government is burning the money that could save public services. Read more.

Out of the Ashes

Now is the time to start planning for a new economy, not dependent on growth. Read more.

How the Billionaires Broke the System

The US deficit reduction plan makes no sense – until you remember who’s behind the Tea Party movement. Read more.

What We Are For

The movements opposing the British government need a set of aims: here’s my attempt at a first draft. Read more.

Response to Robert Peston

Does the BBC’s business editor need a crash course in tax? Read more.

Stripped Bare

Shocking new financial manouevres by the British government show who it’s really working for. Read more.

A Corporate Coup d’Etat

You thought elections counted for something? Look at what wasn’t in the manifesto. Read more.