Category: economic justice

The Great Pay Robbery

Here’s why the government’s proposals on executive pay won’t work – and why we need a maximum wage.

Big Farmer

The poorest taxpayers are subsidising the richest people in Europe: and this spending will remain uncut until at least 2020.

Wealth Destroyers

The Corporation of the City of London has harmed you more than you know.

Sounding the Deeps

If this analysis is correct, a Great Depression is all but inevitable.

More Cuts Please

The government is burning the money that could save public services.

Out of the Ashes

Now is the time to start planning for a new economy, not dependent on growth.

What We Are For

The movements opposing the British government need a set of aims: here’s my attempt at a first draft.

Stripped Bare

Shocking new financial manouevres by the British government show who it’s really working for.

Bonus Balls

A leaked document, published exclusively on, shows that the government has been secretly protecting bankers’ bonuses.

Ground 56%

The government has abandoned its sustainable homes policy – by redefining zero.

The UK’s Odious Debts

Many PFI deals were undemocratic and against the national interest. It’s time we stopped honouring them.

The Lax Tax Pact

How Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs surrendered to the tax avoiders

Britain’s Shock Doctrine

The economic crisis is the disaster the Conservatives have been praying for. Now they can reshape the economy on corporate lines.