Category: economic justice

Hope Among the Ruins

An astonishing money creation scheme from the 1930s that could help to save the Greek economy.

The Insatiable God

The blind pursuit of economic growth stokes a cycle of financial crisis, and wrecks our world.


The justifications for extreme inequality have collapsed. But only the Green Party is prepared to take the obvious step


The point of current housing policy is to sustain a system built on injustice.

The Shooting Party

As the food queues lengthen, the government is giving our money to the super-rich.

Pricing the Priceless

The market has not solved the problem of power: it has simply given it another name.

Robber Barons

Why do we ignore the most blatant transfer of money from the poor to the rich?


Who do Bono and the ONE campaign really represent: the very poor or the very rich?

Enough Already

There is no point at which those who accumulate money become satisfied.

Stunt Man

Our record-breaking petition has been dismissed as a stunt by the minister it targets. But it has a serious purpose.

Line of Battle

The line that separates the public from the private sphere is arbitrary, but fiercely policed.

The Fat of the Land

Robbing the poor, trashing the natural world: Europe’s farm subsidies are an obscenity.


A potent myth is being used to justify economic capture by a parasitic class.

The Great Pay Robbery

Here’s why the government’s proposals on executive pay won’t work – and why we need a maximum wage.