Author: george

The Gift of Death

Pathological consumption has become so normalised that we scarcely notice it.

The Unsung World

Biodiversity offsets threaten both the survival and the meaning of nature.

Forbidden Planet

We cannot restrain climate change without a political fight against plutocracy.

The Fat of the Land

Robbing the poor, trashing the natural world: Europe’s farm subsidies are an obscenity.


So much for Norway’s eco-friendly image.


There’s a second environmental crisis, just as potent as the first.

Recipes for Disaster

Isn’t it about time the media stopped publishing recipes for threatened fish?

Struck Dumb

Why, even now, climate change cannot be mentioned in the presidential election.

Money Spinners

Here’s how we can defeat political corruption of the kind that’s destroying US democracy.

What Were You Thinking?

An open letter to the former ministers who appear to have let a devastating tree disease into the UK.

Cameron’s Contagion

That’s what we should call the devastating ash disease now spreading across Britain.

Ash Cloud

How conservatism turned into an orgy of destruction.

Empty Promise

Could scientists have got the impacts of climate change on food supply wildly wrong?

Heart Rot

If we lose the ash tree, we’ll lose culture as well as nature.

The Heart of the Matter

This is by far the most interesting and challenging debate about nuclear power I have had to date.

The Empire Strikes Back

Imperialism did almost as much harm to the ruling nations as it did to their subject peoples.

Angle of Descent

The justifications for airport expansion turn out to be bogus.