Category: climate breakdown

Eat Meat and Save the World?

Allan Savory tells us that increasing livestock numbers can reduce desertification and reverse climate change – but where is the scientific evidence?

Loss Adjustment

When people say we should adapt to climate change, do they have any idea what that means?

The Biogas Disaster

How the perverse consequences of a great idea are destroying the natural world.

Breach of Trust

Ill-informed and incoherent: the head of the National Trust talks nonsense on fracking.

Fiscal Meltdown

The government is betting the farm on a nuclear technology that might soon look as hip as the traction engine.

Parliament of Fools

The US disease has arrived in Britain: representatives waging an all-out war against science.

Abbottalypse Now

Tony Abbott intends to trash Australia on behalf of the super-rich.

Pistols at Dawn

A three-year, £100 bet on solar power has matured. Who won?

Via Dolorosa

Corruption and short-termism are pushing us along the path of sorrows.

Frozen Assets

Why are we exploiting unconventional gas when we can’t afford to burn existing supplies?

Forbidden Planet

We cannot restrain climate change without a political fight against plutocracy.

Struck Dumb

Why, even now, climate change cannot be mentioned in the presidential election.

Empty Promise

Could scientists have got the impacts of climate change on food supply wildly wrong?