Empty Promise

Could scientists have got the impacts of climate change on food supply wildly wrong? Read more.

The Heat of the Moment

Climate breakdown is right here, right now. Read more.

Dance With the One Who Brung You

The environment is being trashed because of a failure to reform campaign finance. Read more.

False Summit

We were wrong about peak oil: there’s enough in the ground to deep-fry the planet. Read more.

Manipulation Merchant

I accuse the energy secretary of misleading us about his disastrous new bill. Read more.

Bonfire of Promises

The government’s new energy bill puts a match to its climate change commitments. Read more.

A Letter to David Cameron

Countering the letter sent to him by four former directors of Friends of the Earth Read more.

Anything to Declare?

Christopher Booker’s undisclosed interests illustrate the need for transparency in journalism. Read more.

Plutocracy, Pure and Simple

Now it’s a straight fight with the billionaires and corporations. Read more.

Polar Opposites

How weather forecasts became a political issue. Read more.

No Bail-Out for the Planet

Why is it so easy to save the banks, but so hard to save the biosphere? Read more.

A Levelling

The Spectator has allowed me to rebut Nils-Axel Morner’s rubbish about sea levels. Read more.

A Waste of Waste

Why bury nuclear waste, when it could meet the world’s energy needs? Read more.

The Spectator’s Spectacular Blunder

It is hard to think of a bigger cock-up than the one the magazine’s editor has just made. Read more.

A Random Nonsense-Generating Machine

Christopher Booker’s latest cock-ups almost match his all-time record. Read more.

Balloon Debate

Why is the government spending £1.6m on a geo-engineering experiment whose results can never be used? Read more.

Shale Fail

It looks as if the UK government is allowing shale gas fracking companies to regulate themselves. Read more.

An Underground National Park

To prevent climate breakdown, we need to declare most of the fossil fuels in the earth’s crust off-limits. Read more.

Underground Movement

The public reaction to new power lines could kill renewable energy: they must be buried. Read more.

Pass the Parcel

How will the UK achieve a 50% carbon cut by 2027? By getting someone else to make our stuff. Read more.