Shaking the Tree

The British government’s demolition programme is now moving on to the environment. Read more.


The level of excess winter deaths in the UK is higher than Siberia’s. This is why. Read more.

Cold Burn

Yes, the extreme cold in the UK right now really could be a result of global warming. Read more.

Impervious to Learning

David Rose appears to have learnt nothing from his catastrophic mistakes before the Iraq war. Read more.

Looking for Trouble

Why are we still prospecting for oil when we can’t afford to use existing reserves? Read more.

Evolving Madness

Why does a crazy set of beliefs in one field seem to migrate into unrelated subjects? Read more.

The Process Is Dead

It’s already clear that the climate talks in December will go nowhere – so what do we do? Read more.

The Smear Storm Widens

Those who made false accusations against Rajendra Pachauri are now turning their fire on me. Read more.

The Smearing of an Innocent man

The report we publish for the first time today proves that the serious charges made against Rajendra Pachauri are completely untrue. Read more.

Right and Wrong

Why climate science divides people along political lines. Read more.

Filth and Fury

Was I right, when the hacked climate emails were released, to call for Phil Jones to resign? Read more.

A Bookful of Bookerisms

The climate change deniers are digging themselves an ever deeper hole over ‘Amazongate’ Read more.

Madder and Madder

Lord Monckton’s increasingly extravagant claims threaten to destroy the movement he champions Read more.

Out of Sight, Out of Trouble

A new report shows how the UK could tap into vast renewable resources, without any of the aggro caused by existing wind farms. Read more.

Debate with Steve Easterbrook

We explore the mutual incomprehension across the climate emails divide Read more.

Walled In

Science and humanities students view each other with incomprehension: blame our dumb, narrow schooling. Read more.

Jonathan Porritt’s Strange Slurs

I learn, once again, that telling brutal truths isn’t the best way of winning friends Read more.

The German Disease

The scheme for supporting renewables that the UK is importing from Germany has been a disaster there. Read more.

The Unpersuadables

In fighting for science, we subscribe to a comforting illusion: that people can be swayed by the facts. Read more.

Treachery or Common Sense?

I’m being hounded for taking a stand against feed-in tariffs: here’s a riposte to the critics. Read more.