The Shadow Government

Through a network of unbalanced, almost-invisible committees, the government gets what it wants. Read more.

In Praise of Distrust

Cameron tells us to trust business: as he hands it the keys to the nation. Read more.

Plutocracy, Pure and Simple

Now it’s a straight fight with the billionaires and corporations. Read more.

The Corporate Welfare State

Despite the crisis, it’s still socialism for the 1%, capitalism for the rest. Read more.

The Self-Attribution Fallacy

Intelligence? Talent? No, the ultra-rich got to where they are through luck and brutality. Read more.

Wealth Destroyers

The Corporation of the City of London has harmed you more than you know. Read more.

Show Me The Money

We have a democratic right to know who is funding public advocacy. Read more.

War with the Wullies

This planning battle is a fight between the people and a totalitarian model of capitalism. Read more.

Think of a Tank

The “free market thinktanks” and their secret funders are a threat to democracy. Read more.

How the Billionaires Broke the System

The US deficit reduction plan makes no sense – until you remember who’s behind the Tea Party movement. Read more.

A Hippocratic Oath for Journalists

What do we do about the power of the corporate media? Here’s one answer. Read more.

A Death Foretold

Why have successive governments been waging war on one of the world’s best health systems? Read more.

Stripped Bare

Shocking new financial manouevres by the British government show who it’s really working for. Read more.

A Corporate Coup d’Etat

You thought elections counted for something? Look at what wasn’t in the manifesto. Read more.

The Great Ventriloquist

Why is a former Greenpeace activist siding with Indonesia’s logging industry? Read more.

Toxic Brew

The Tea Parties didn’t arise spontaneously: they were boiled up by big business. Read more.

Britain’s Shock Doctrine

The economic crisis is the disaster the Conservatives have been praying for. Now they can reshape the economy on corporate lines. Read more.

Sending Off the Ref

The government’s disastrous new deregulation programme means that the poor will be fouled by the rich. Read more.

The Real Climate Scandal

Shocked by the hacked emails? Wait till you see what the other side’s been up to. Read more.

Case Studies

Here’s the evidence for the contentions in The Real Climate Scandal Read more.