The Other Bail-Out

Another set of corporations is pressing for public money. Governments should let them die. Read more.

Congress Confronts Its Contradictions

They baled out of the bail-out, but the money will still have to come from us. It always has. Read more.

The Magic Pudding

Why is the US government still pouring billions into missile defence? Read more.

The Junta’s Accomplices

If you want to support democracy in Burma, phone Gary Player and the other western businessmen propping up the generals. Read more.

How Did We Get Into This Mess?

Many of our current crises are the long-term results of a meeting which took place 60 years ago Read more.

A Sudden Change of State

A new paper suggests we have been greatly underestimating the impacts of climate change – and the size of the necessary response. Read more.

Not What It Says on the Tin

Even in the rich nations, the babymilk manufacturers are undermining breastfeeding Read more.

Without Principle

New revelations show that Blair’s government is as corrupt as any of those it criticises. Read more.


We need a global campaign for road safety, but not one controlled by the motor industry. Read more.

A Parallel State

For how much longer will BAE be allowed to run its own secret service and overrule the armed forces? Read more.

The New Friends of the Earth?

The superstores are suddenly competing to be green. Can we trust them? Read more.

Defence Against What?

The Iraq disaster has eliminated the last major function of our armed forces. So let’s pay ourselves a war dividend. Read more.

Who’s Paying?

When pundits discuss contentious issues on air, they must reveal their financial interests. Read more.

The Smoke Behind the Deniers’ Fire

It isn’t just Exxon which has funded the climate change deniers – Big Tobacco has also played a strange and disturbing role. Read more.

Peace Is For Wimps

Real men in government use their position to sell weapons. Read more.

Beholden to the Mob

The UK’s competition authorities still seem to be working for the superstores Read more.

Who Runs Britain?

I nominate the CBI. Read more.

The Corporate Begging Bowl

They bleat about the free market, then insist that we subsidise them. Read more.

Africa’s New Best Friends

The corporations which helped to immiserate Africa are being given control of its development. Read more.

In Bed With the Killers

BP is working with a genocidal government Read more.