Category: environment and the natural world

An Ongoing Swindle

The Great Global Warming Swindle is just one example of Channel 4’s war against the greens

Population Bombs

It’s an important issue, but nowhere near the top of the list.


Green consumerism will not save the biosphere

Feeding Frenzy

Why is it still acceptable to eat the endangered large predators of the sea?

Not Enough Fish in the Sea

Not Enough Fish in the Sea We need omega-3 oils for our brains to function properly. But where will they come from?

Jump on our Bandwagon

The corporations’ Achilles heel is the environment. It’s time for the left to hit it.

Natural Aesthetes

Wildlife is wonderful. We don’t need any other excuse to protect it.

Planet of the Fakes

Wildlife programmes on television, David Attenborough’s among them, perpetuate the dangerous myth of wilderness.

Trouble in the Pipeline

The corporations have asked us to trust them. But even the paragon of “corporate social responsibility” is saying one thing and doing quite another.

Earth-Eating Summit

The solution to the world’s problems, world leaders are about to agree, is more of the problem.

Angel of Death

Britain’s development secretary is helping to destroy the lives of 20 million people.