Category: environment and the natural world

London Rising

One of the World’s Greyest Cities Could Be Transformed into one of the Greenest

A Cancer in the System

Why are the government and the big charities ignoring the environmental causes of cancer?

God versus Greens

Environmentalists are foolishly following Prince Charles over the spiritual abyss.

Poisoning the Poor

The poor are dying younger because they are being systematically poisoned

Nato’s Dirty War

By targeting chemicals factories, Nato is waging war against civilians

Green Grave

The environment succumbs to Labour’s cynical realpolitik

Green Sell-Outs

Conservation is becoming one of the greatest threats to the global environment.

The Jaws of Victory

Review of: The River Stops Here: How One Man’s Battle to Save His Valley Changed the Fate of California. Ted Simon, Random House, New York.

Murder in the Amazon

Nearly all the mahogany leaving Brazil has been taken, illegally, from protected reserves

Toxic Shock

The Government’s official position is that we should pour our hazardous waste down the drain.