Category: farming

Robber Barons

Why do we ignore the most blatant transfer of money from the poor to the rich?

Agricultural Hegemony

Why do farmers’ groups indulge in such ridiculous scaremongering about the restoration of the natural world?


How Britain has been shagged by the white plague.

The Fat of the Land

Robbing the poor, trashing the natural world: Europe’s farm subsidies are an obscenity.

Big Farmer

The poorest taxpayers are subsidising the richest people in Europe: and this spending will remain uncut until at least 2020.

Strong Meat

A new book has forced me to reconsider my views on food.

Towering Lunacy

Green enthusiasm for vertical farms shows that no one is untouched by magical thinking.

Small Is Bountiful

Peasant farmers offer the best chance of feeding the world. So why do we treat them with contempt?

Fallen Fruit

An insane European ruling will be the final straw for the English apple

Blair Trashes Africa

Tony Blair has just ensured that Europe and the US continue to promote famine.

Angel of Death

Britain’s development secretary is helping to destroy the lives of 20 million people.

The War Against Small Farms

By appointing Lord Haskins to oversee “rural recovery”, the British government will complete the destruction of the countryside

Mad Cows Are Back

Mark Purdey’s explanation of the origins of BSE is gathering weight