Category: farming

Small Is Bountiful

Peasant farmers offer the best chance of feeding the world. So why do we treat them with contempt?

Fallen Fruit

An insane European ruling will be the final straw for the English apple

Blair Trashes Africa

Tony Blair has just ensured that Europe and the US continue to promote famine.

Angel of Death

Britain’s development secretary is helping to destroy the lives of 20 million people.

The War Against Small Farms

By appointing Lord Haskins to oversee “rural recovery”, the British government will complete the destruction of the countryside

Mad Cows Are Back

Mark Purdey’s explanation of the origins of BSE is gathering weight

Small is Vulnerable

The supermarkets could kill organic farming’s potential to revolutionise the foodchain

Loss Leaders

The Competition Commission has given the superstores permission to destroy the rest of Britain’s food economy

Death to the Small

The corrupt Ministry of Agriculture is deliberately wiping small farmers out