White Lies

African leaders will be forced to humble themselves at the G8 summit, by taking the blame for what has happened to their continent Read more.

Patent Nonsense

Nothing exposes the hollowness of the claims corporations now make to intellectual property as much as their own histories Read more.

Making Generosity Redundant

Our global institutions are destined to fail. They need to be replaced. Read more.

Trade piracy unmasked

Poor countries are still being cheated by the rich world Read more.

Let the People Rule the World

The rich nations must surrender their power to a world parliament. Read more.

Stealing Europe

The great European dream has been subverted by corporate power Read more.

Reversing the Corporate Takeover

We know what we’re against, but what are we for? Read more.

Gats’ gaffes

The World Trade Organisation, which meets in Geneva today, wields enormous power yet is unaccountable Read more.

Britain Rising

A powerful new opposition movement is beginning to emerge Read more.

Power Hides from the People

New market “freedoms” need the help of old-fashioned authoritarianism Read more.

Against Corporate Power, For Free Trade

Globalisation is the means by which big business takes trade from small business Read more.

Hear No Evil

Why is parliament so worked up about Europe, but not about the graver threats to its sovereignty? Read more.

Enforcing Injustice

The World Bank and the IMF are irredeemable – they must be closed down. Read more.

Vote Conservative for a Federal Superstate

William Hague’s bold new vision for Britain is to put us in the same position as Mexico Read more.

Making Peace With Power

The United Nations is trying to regain its credibility by fawning to big business Read more.

There Is No Debt

The Third World “debt” is simply an accounting device Read more.

Running the World without a Mandate

We Need a Global Constitution Read more.

The Poor’s Most Deadly Enemy

The World Bank helps First World countries seize Third World resources Read more.

The Rich Walk Away

It’s time for a global corporation tax Read more.

The New Global Masterplan

The WTO might have failed, but big business has a fallback scheme Read more.