Category: globalisation

The Age of Consent

Text of lecture given to the Royal Society of Arts, and printed in their magazine

The Flight to India

The jobs Britain stole from the Asian subcontinent 300 years ago are now returning. Is this a good thing or a bad one?

The Philosophy of Cant

Europe wrecked the world trade talks, but it may accidentally have forced the poor world to assert its power. Final installment of the series on trade.

Whose Side Are You On?

Some of those calling for changes in the way we trade are working against the interests of the poor. This is the second of a three-part series on trade.

Le Monde, C’est Nous

At the world trade summit next week, the rich world will ensure that the poor world stays that way. This is the first of a three-part series on trade

Stealing Nations

The International Monetary Fund does not make its “mistakes” by accident.

Fake Patriots

Why does the right refuse to see that US power has become a threat to our sovereignty?

Seize the Day

Our task is not to overthrow globalisation, but to use it as a vehicle for the first global democratic revolution.

Enslaved by Free Trade

The West became rich by ignoring patent rules and protecting its industries. Poor countries should be allowed to do the same.

Rich in Imagination

The figures which purport to show that the world’s poor are emerging from poverty don’t add up

Out of the Wreckage

By tearing up the global rulebook, the US is in fact undermining its own imperial rule

Who Guards the Guards?

The UN Security Council is inherently tyrannical. No war it mandates can ever be just