The Hanging Judge

Why has Mr Justice Eady been allowed to conduct a one-man campaign against free speech? Read more.

It Doesn’t Get Madder Than This

The Spectator’s new editor has lost it before he even had it. Read more.

The Patron Saint of Charlatans

How does Christopher Booker get away with it? Read more.

The Price of Free Speech

A grotesque case of legal bullying using a 13th-Century law shows that in some respects we still haven’t shaken off feudalism. Read more.

The Lunar Conspiracy

A Proposal to Hamish Mykura, Head of Documentaries, Channel 4 Read more.

Swindled Again

A response to Channel 4’s head of documentaries, Hamish Mykura Read more.

An Ongoing Swindle

The Great Global Warming Swindle is just one example of Channel 4’s war against the greens Read more.

The Self-Justifying Myth

People love films like The Great Global Warming Swindle, because they tell us what we want to believe. Read more.

Anticipatory Compliance

Rupert Murdoch doesn’t even have to ask to get what he wants. Read more.

A Likely Story

As the evidence accumulates, the Evening Standard’s allegations of terrorist planning have fallen apart. Read more.

Attack of the Baby Eaters

The press has been publishing a series of crazy scare stories about our intentions at the climate camp Read more.

Selling Ecocide

Is it time to consider a ban on the adverts which help to cook the planet? Read more.


Green consumerism will not save the biosphere Read more.

Correspondence with Hamish Mykura

Head of History, Science and Religion, Channel 4 Read more.

Occupations Brutalise

The atrocities in Iraq surprise us only because we ignore colonial history. Read more.

Smoke Rings

The tobacco industry duped both academic journals and the media. Read more.

How Britain Denies its Holocausts

Why do so few people know about the atrocities of empire? Read more.

Bringing Out the Dead

The press has been minimising the death toll in Iraq Read more.

The Net Censors

The democratic potential of the new media is being blocked by the companies providing the technology. Read more.

Bad News from Tesco

The superstores are on the verge of cornering the news market, with disastrous implications for democracy Read more.