Invasion of the Entryists

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On becoming a bilious old git. Read more.

Planet of the Fakes

Wildlife programmes on television, David Attenborough’s among them, perpetuate the dangerous myth of wilderness. Read more.

Unreality TV

Television coverage of the poor world has all but disappeared, with disastrous consequences for everyone. Read more.

The Business of Power

Why does the British government remain wedded to the corporations? Read more.

Dying of Consumption

The more we spend, the happier we become. Probably. Read more.

Big Business, As Seen On TV

The Communications White Paper will help the corporations to stifle dissent Read more.

Modified Truth

Channel 4 has hired a charlatan to make its science programmes Read more.

No Politics Please

How Britain’s advertising rules forbid us to hear the bad news about business Read more.

Publish and Be Damned

Britain’s libel laws allow the rich and powerful to silence the excluded Read more.

Pester Power

Father Christmas has become an enemy of the people, as advertisers exploit parents for all they’re worth Read more.

Far Left or Far Right?

Living Marxism’s interesting allegiances Read more.

The Revolution Has Been Televised

Channel 4’s Against Nature series turns out to have been made by an obscure and cranky sect Read more.

Crimes Against Nature

A new Channel 4 series would be laughable, had it not been given three hours of prime time TV. Read more.