Low-Hanging Fruit

This hung parliament is the first and possibly last chance we have to transform politics. We must seize it. Read more.

The Parasites in Labour’s Brain

It’s time we stopped voting fearfully, and rewarding the most right-wing government the UK has had since 1945. Read more.

A Ginger Revolution

Grassroots campaigns could break Britain’s corrupt political system Read more.

The Welsh Revolution

Why are radical politics electable in Wales but not in England? Read more.

This Is About Us

The talks at Copenhagen are not just about climate change. They represent a battle to redefine humanity. Read more.

UKIP’s latest acquisition

Is Lord Monckton an asset or a liability? Read more.

Subsidising the Climate Crash

Why have government agencies been paying to increase the number of flights? Read more.

Outsourcing Unrest

The 300 year colonial adventure is over at last, which is why Britain is in political crisis. Read more.

Watch Out World!

My video interview with Hazel Blears gives us a glimpse of what might be coming if she seeks to replace Gordon Brown Read more.

Someone Else’s England

You don’t have to be a nationalist, or English, to accept the case for an English parliament. Read more.

You Stand for Nothing But Election

An open letter to Hazel Blears MP, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government Read more.

From the Bottom Up

A new mobilisation could revitalise politics in the UK – but only if you get involved. Read more.


This is how a government elected to stamp out sleaze became worse than its predecessor. Read more.

Flying Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

How did Marxist class warriors end up fighting for the bosses’ right to fly? Read more.

The Triumph of Ignorance

Why morons succeed in US politics. Read more.

Free the Unborn!

A proposal for slowing down politics. Read more.

Nothing Left to Fight For

The most rightwing government Britain has had since the Second World War does not deserve to be re-elected. Read more.

Death of the Noble Idea

Big money trumps everything in politics, even the most dearly-held beliefs Read more.

An Idiot’s Referendum

People of all political colours are clamouring to answer a meaningless question. Read more.

Union With the Devil

The trade unions still rage about the class war, but keep funding their class enemies. Read more.