Category: politics

What We Are

Democracy cannot work as it is meant to; human nature does not allow it.

Soul Traders

If we saw it anywhere else, we would recognise our political funding system as utterly corrupt

Labour Savers

The Labour Party can survive, but only if it’s prepared to form an alliance with other parties

Roots in the Rubble

The decision to leave the EU is a disaster, but also a great opportunity for renewal

Money’s Reach

The European Union looks thoroughly rotten – until you compare it to the alternatives.

The Zombie Doctrine

Crisis after crisis is being caused by a failed ideology. But it cannot be stopped without a coherent alternative.

Curator of the Future

Jeremy Corbyn is the only candidate who can revive the Labour Party. It’s the others who are chasing an impossible dream.

Ground Control

There’s a great future for left-wing politics – built from the bottom up

Code of Silence

Almost all the issues worth debating are left unmentioned in this election.

There Is An Alternative

The great political question of our age is what to do about corporate power. It’s time we answered it.

England the Brave

The rest of the UK doesn’t need to be rescued by Scottish votes: independence could inspire transformation everywhere

Bone China Tea Party

Get ready for a radical rightwing insurgency that could be stirring within the Conservative Party.