Category: politics

Union With the Devil

The trade unions still rage about the class war, but keep funding their class enemies.

How to Stop Civil War

Nicaragua and South Africa, not the US, should be the inspiration for Iraq’s constitution.

Burnt Out

Kenneth Clarke’s work for British American Tobacco should disqualify him from office.

Paid-up Members

How can MPs represent us when they earn up to 95% of their income from outside interests?

The Bad or the Terrible

Those who insist that Nader supporters should vote for Kerry are holding back US democratisation.

Jump on our Bandwagon

The corporations’ Achilles heel is the environment. It’s time for the left to hit it.

Don’t Cry for Clare

Short’s career as a licensed rebel casts light on our post-oppositional, post-modern politics

Death of the Secret Ballot

The government won’t offer electoral choice; instead it has introduced voting gimmicks which will further undermine our faith in democracy