Beneath the Pall of Misery, a New Movement Is Born

The climate camp at Heathrow is materially different from protests that have taken place in Britain before. Read more.

Attack of the Baby Eaters

The press has been publishing a series of crazy scare stories about our intentions at the climate camp Read more.

This Is Now a Protest for Democracy

To win an injunction against protests at Heathrow airport, BAA used a law which threatens our democratic rights Read more.

A Plague of Lawyers

Their over-representation in politics is partly responsible for a long sequence of oppressive laws. Read more.

Bayoneting a Scarecrow

The 9/11 conspiracy theories are a coward’s cult. Read more.

Short Changed

9/11 conspiracism is dragging activists away from the real issues Read more.

Putting the State on Trial

Protesters who have damaged military equipment are walking away from the dock Read more.

A World Without Men

An untold story from Greenham Common Read more.

Protesters are Criminals

And hardly anyone is contesting the new clampdown Read more.

Protest as Harassment

The new crime bill permits the police to stop almost any demonstration. Read more.

The Alternative Media

Undercurrents and Schnews are both ten years old, and still blooming. Read more.

A Thousand Dusty Codicils

Little by little, democracy is being banned Read more.

Rattling the Bars

Something very big is stirring among Europe’s young people Read more.

George Bush, The Anti-American

Our protests are against the policies, not the people Read more.

Fired Up

Far from fizzling out, the global justice movement is growing in numbers and maturity Read more.

The Time for Talking Is Over

We must oppose this war as we have never opposed one before Read more.

World Bank to West Bank

The movement written off after September 11 is demonstrating its worth in Palestine Read more.

On Violence

Review of the video “Non-Violence for a Change”, JustUs Productions ( Read more.

Raising the Temperature

It’s time we started pulling down corporate headquarters Read more.

Say It With Food

Throwing Eggs at Ministers is Good for Democracy Read more.