Category: protest

What We Are For

The movements opposing the British government need a set of aims: here’s my attempt at a first draft.

Printing Police Lies

The rightwing press has briefly turned against the police, but normal service will soon resume.

From the Bottom Up

A new mobilisation could revitalise politics in the UK – but only if you get involved.

The Paranoia Squad

A British police unit is demonising peaceful protesters to stay in business.

A Likely Story

As the evidence accumulates, the Evening Standard’s allegations of terrorist planning have fallen apart.

Attack of the Baby Eaters

The press has been publishing a series of crazy scare stories about our intentions at the climate camp

A Plague of Lawyers

Their over-representation in politics is partly responsible for a long sequence of oppressive laws.

Short Changed

9/11 conspiracism is dragging activists away from the real issues