Category: protest

Re: generation

Why older people must stand in solidarity with the youth climate strikes.

Bring It On

Did an undercover policeman help to instigate a major riot?

The Wrong State

The police spy scandal shows that mass surveillance will be used against us.

Corporate Blowback

Companies like EDF, seeking to terrify protesters with lawsuits, are likely to become victims of their own aggression.

The Promised Land

This is the fate of young people today: excluded, but forbidden to opt out.

The Freedom Swindle

The government promised us the right to peaceful protest. It is delivering nothing of the kind.

What We Are For

The movements opposing the British government need a set of aims: here’s my attempt at a first draft.

Printing Police Lies

The rightwing press has briefly turned against the police, but normal service will soon resume.

From the Bottom Up

A new mobilisation could revitalise politics in the UK – but only if you get involved.

The Paranoia Squad

A British police unit is demonising peaceful protesters to stay in business.

A Likely Story

As the evidence accumulates, the Evening Standard’s allegations of terrorist planning have fallen apart.

Attack of the Baby Eaters

The press has been publishing a series of crazy scare stories about our intentions at the climate camp

A Plague of Lawyers

Their over-representation in politics is partly responsible for a long sequence of oppressive laws.

Short Changed

9/11 conspiracism is dragging activists away from the real issues