Category: protest

On Violence

Review of the video “Non-Violence for a Change”, JustUs Productions (

Britain Rising

A powerful new opposition movement is beginning to emerge

Illegal Beagles

In the name of preventing violence, the government is being asked to ban peaceful protest

Still Digging

The 17th Century campaigner Gerrard Winstanley is a hero for the 21st Century

Defective Inspectors

As the security services seek to justify their existence, harmless activists are being treated as terrorists

Hawks and Doves

Four remarkable women are challenging the most powerful forces in the land

Starting Over

Britain’s direct action movements have become a force for cultural and even economic renewal

Get Off My Planet

Britain’s landlords are trespassing against our right to enjoy the countryside

If Not Now, When?

There are no excuses for not joining the protest against the Newbury bypass