Violence is Our Enemy

And peaceful protesters must be brave enough to stand up to it Read more.

Wrong T-shirt son? You’re nicked

The act which came into force this week could make terrorists of us all Read more.

Britain Rising

A powerful new opposition movement is beginning to emerge Read more.

Illegal Beagles

In the name of preventing violence, the government is being asked to ban peaceful protest Read more.

Our Peripheral Parliament

Politics is moving out of Westminster, as our representatives avoid the real issues Read more.

Still Digging

The 17th Century campaigner Gerrard Winstanley is a hero for the 21st Century Read more.

No Way to Run a Revolution

One of Britain’s Most Effective Direct Action Movements Has Lost the Plot Read more.

The Price of Dissent

People are being ruined for opposing development Read more.

The Homespun Revolution

The Homespun Revolution Read more.

Disruptive Protest is a Civic Duty

When the law is wrong it must be challenged. That’s progress Read more.

Defective Inspectors

As the security services seek to justify their existence, harmless activists are being treated as terrorists Read more.

Hawks and Doves

Four remarkable women are challenging the most powerful forces in the land Read more.

Starting Over

Britain’s direct action movements have become a force for cultural and even economic renewal Read more.

You don’t give us the Earth, we’ll take it.

The direct action movement is putting the passion back into politics Read more.

Get Off My Planet

Britain’s landlords are trespassing against our right to enjoy the countryside Read more.

If Not Now, When?

There are no excuses for not joining the protest against the Newbury bypass Read more.

Subversive Genius

Roads protesters are bringing art and necessity back together, sowing the seeds of cultural renewal Read more.

Back to 1662

The Government’s repressive new laws contain eerie similarities to statutes passed hundreds of years ago Read more.

A Private Order Called Public Order

Environmentalism is at the vanguard of Britain’s movements for political change Read more.

Fire in a Box

Britain’s protest movements have emerged in response to the enclosure of the land, the mind and political power. They are seeking to recover the freedom all of us have lost Read more.