Enclosure and dispossession have driven us, like John Clare, all a little mad. Read more.

Power Trips

What could be sillier and more invidious than the Observer’s “eco-power list”? Read more.

The Values of Everything

Progressive causes are failing: here’s how they could be turned around Read more.

The Holocaust We Will Not See

Avatar half-tells a story we would all prefer to forget Read more.

Consumer Hell

How do we break a system which now permeates every aspect of our lives? Read more.

Death Denial

Why the sudden surge in climate change denial? Could it be about something else altogether? Read more.

Politically Transmitted Disease

Rising rates of teen pregnancy and STDs in the United States are the result of programmes intended to stamp them out. Read more.

Help Addicts, But Lock Up the Casual Users of Cocaine

The UN’s proposal for decriminalisation is senseless and destructive Read more.

The Propaganda of the Victor

How the poor were airbrushed from history Read more.

Someone Else’s England

You don’t have to be a nationalist, or English, to accept the case for an English parliament. Read more.

The Open Veins of Wales

Dr Beeching helped turn the country I’ve come to love into an outpost of empire. Now his legacy can be reversed. Read more.

Hypocrites Unite!

At least we have some ideals to fall short of. Read more.

The Cult of the Heroic Animal

The Disneyfication of war allows us to ignore its real savagery Read more.

Lady Tonge – an Apology

I was wrong. She is not a bully, a fool or a stooge. She is a comedian. Read more.

A Bully in Ermine

Lady Tonge is using her unelected position to persecute some of the world’s most vulnerable people. Read more.

The New Chauvinism

Why should I love this country? Read more.

God of the Soil

Only when nomads settled on fertile land did the notion of progress take root Read more.

Mocking Our Dreams

Climate change exposes progress as a myth Read more.

Bring Them Back

We should welcome the return of the big wild mammals Read more.

Class War on the Hoof

If we want a classless society, banning hunting might be a step towards it. Read more.